We believe bicycles can be a vehicle for the transforming power of Christ in the urban landscape, bringing employment opportunities, sustainable lifestyles based in community, and lasting relationships.

Simple Cycle uses bikes to build bridges and overcome obstacles to Christ, community, and personal growth. We celebrate every mountain, hill, and fortified wall being made low before the Lord (Isaiah 2:14-15). We pursue this vision using the tool of bicycles, with the conviction that God is moving through us according to his good purpose (Philippians 2:13).

The purpose of Simple Cycle starts with inspiration from Jesus Christ to share the love of Christ through relationship with our customers, students and neighbors. Recognizing a trend towards inactive and isolated lifestyles in North Philadelphia, Simple Cycle exists to resist these trends by promoting cycling as an avenue towards community and fellowship with others as well as Jesus Christ.

See you in the streets,

Dan Helms
Founder, CEO, CFO, HR Director, Outreach Coordinator, Etc.


Design by Timothy Fryett

Design notes:

The menu icons above reference the striking work of mind-20th century designer Gerd Arntz, in some cases directly adapting his designs.

The typography in the logo is a synthesis of the following two iconic samples of early-1900s poster design: One / Two